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Hi all Blade here with what could be my last post on the Aquamon Website

We have made a server that most of you know called BKP Pixels, Its hopefully going to be released within the next week or two. With all the questions about ranks, Kris has sorted them out but may not be final and will be released soon or with the opening. To all those who helped build the server get a shiny starter (i think).

Farewell to those who are not joining us to our new server, but thankyou to those who are coming with us and welcome to those who are new. 

^ New Website Register To It Now
thetrixsta0 the server is back?
RiSKYxInfinity Can you elaborate or what you need help with?
Yas03 Help me

Tour Winners!

Patto150 aADMIN posted Sep 15, 14
#1 Joe
#2 Phoenix_Blaze
#3 RVMinecraftFan
#4 cenanation661001
#5 Tiny

Please message Bob, Kris or myself your skype (if we dont already have it) and we shall inform you on when you can get on!

Patto150 aADMIN RV and Joe we'll just message on here
josephtrocks I don't have skype either, I have ts though.
RVMinecraftFan Umm.... I don't have a skype but if you can kik me my kik is RVMinecraftFan (My IGN)

To Aquamon Community

BLADE ADMIN posted Sep 1, 14
By Blade On The Behalf Of Aquamon Staff 

Many great moments and times have happened on this server, many laughs and many hard times. I believe we are a strong community and we are always there for each other making Aquamon a special kind of server.

We would like to thank Aqua, you have done so much for this server and keeping it alive for so long even though some days it had 2 players max. We would also like to thank you for the opportunities you have given us through this. We all wish you to continue and be more successful than what you already are, on your youtube channel and support for anything you decide to do further on.

For Admins New and Old (Cassie, Bond, Greg, Sam (also used to be owner), Katto, Patto and Myself. Thank you for all the time you have put into this server and the people playing on it. Good luck for all in the future wherever your lives take you.

To the Helpers and Gym Leaders, again thank you for all your time on the server by helping not only the admins and the people out but the server all up. A gym leader or helper role isnt just a walk in the park its a role that has responsibility and is fairly challenging, testing our life skills. Thank you to all gym leaders and helpers and we wish you the best in the future of your lives.

To Patto and Builders, Thank you so much for building R2 and help patching up the amazing R1 over time, building is a talent and not all have it. It would be a good thought to look at architecture or similar defiantly when your older. Once again thank you.

To everyone including players, thank you for joining us on this journey it has been amazing for all. Yes its just a game but its more than just that for us. Hopefully we can be reunited on a server soon with the same homy feel as Aquamon did. We wish you the best in wherever life takes you from here on and you can always count on us as friends whenever you need it.

Once again thanks Aqua and Sam for keeping this server up and making this the best experience ever. 
Phoenix_Blaze01 Yes Cena was admin how can you guys forget
cenanation661001 Why does everyone forget i was an admin ...
BobcatYoloSwag a lol dat mention

To The End By Blade

BLADE ADMIN posted Aug 30, 14
To all my friends of Aquamon 

Thankyou for all these amazing times, many active members now dont really know me as well us the ones before but i am Blade or JKL77jinx. I joined this server around 2 days after it started and i felt that this was going to be the server, a server like none other. I really had no idea of what to do so i hanged with bobcatyoloswag for like 3 days, watching him do over 65 gym battles straight and following him everywhere. We had so many great time like when bluegeo made all this bullshit up and i proved him wrong hehehe. I met some amazing people like Bboy, Flame, Sam, KFC, Animal and so many more. A few days into playing the server i tired to become a helper... i failed..twice :(. but not long after that Aqua and Bond took notice of me and made me a dragon leader, this is how i got the name blade apparently son of Lance. I was like the only active dragon gym leader and i was always flat out doing my gym and even waking up to a message on skype at 3am to do gym battles. It was so much fun. I trained my pokemon all the way to lvl100 and pretty much became one of the best trainers on the server besides helpers and admins. 

I spent lots of time on the server and was lucky enough to start subbing for gyms being the first one to do so. Not long after that i became a helper. Being helper was fun, doing all the gyms and able to help many people, as well as becoming good friends with them. I got OP when i was helper which was different because normally admins are only allowed to have it 24/7. This is when i started to build on the server making my awesome house and improvements to the gyms. I later became Admin not really making much of a difference than what i already was but it was pretty cool. I enjoyed R1 so much and its a memory im going to look back on forever. The people i met and the things i did were amazing.

R2 came out and i started to be less active, things in my life became different in many ways such as family, school and girls ;). I think people started to get a little angry that i had the rank that i had and i agree, but like aqua said to me once 'its not about the rank'. In R2 i became less friendly with one of my closest friends Katto or Megami, in R1you were like my bestie, you helped me build and i helped you out in return, but i guess things happen. I got demoted last week or so to helper (even though my name still said Admin Blade) but i did. I didnt play since and im gonna regret that now cause my last moment in aquamon was me getting demoted by Patto (i think).

Thankyou all for joining us on this journey especially those who came at the very start, Thankyou aqua for the opportunities you have given me and im sure we will keep in touch. Sam and Bobby we are so gonna meet up in 5 years time and i will miss all our times together. Cassie thankyou so much for every thing from the first time we met to now. Katto im sorry for whatever i did and i will remember you forever. To those that i used to compete with animal and many more back in R1 thankyou so much. To everyone who i have had a funny moment with thankyou (miguel when i put you in jail and made those kill miguel signs hehe). Patto, Tona, Tiny and Kristophs thankyou too. Once last thankyou i believe should go to Sparky, you are the reason i stayed on aquamon and i thankyou for always being with me in R2, keep in touch dude. I would ask everyone to add me on my personal skype account (peter13064), i will always respond and i will always be there if any of you need to talk. Thankyou 

Dragon Master Blade Signing Out 
Flamenightblitz We love you! ;3
hobskins Blade I thought of you as a role model you were one of the most helpful players on the server and you always knew what t ...
CassieChant Pete <3
So its all over now.

This that a bad thing? To me, no, if anything its a good thing.


Well because its best to end things on a good note. I know a lot of you are sad that its happened, but lets be honest, we all knew it was coming, and it sucked I know. Heres the thing, its better to let go of something with remembering all the good times rather then keeping hold of something and letting it fade into nothingness and holding onto nothing but bad times and fights.

To me, Aquamon was a poison, do not get me wrong, I loved playing on it and everyone on the server, but it was a poison, to my life, to my relationships, and to my brain. As many of you know, I all but built R2 by myself, with a hand here and then. While I was building it, all I could think about was the next building, if I wasn't building all I was thinking about was how can I get out of the situation I'm in so I can get back to build. And that carried on into the launch of the server, my mind was never on the task I was trying to do, it was always else where, thinking about Aquamon.

It ate away at my life. I am not saying that people that play video games all day have no life, some have very very fun and amazing lifes, but I am not one of those. Bob, Sam and I had orginally planed a second server for everyone to come join once Aquamon ended - Everyone saw it coming without saying anything - and hats off to Aqua for leaving it up as long as he had, pushing through all the low and tough times, most people would have shut it down a while ago, having only a max of 3-4 players a day. But I'm turning over a new leaf, I have seen the damage that computers, and social media have done to my life, and the life of those around me. And leaving Aquamon is the first step onto the right path.

As of late, I am trying to limit my useage of Facebook, only going on if NEED to, if someone sends me an inbox or I need to get a hold of someone. If you still want to talk to me, you can follow me on tweeter (Patto150), but other then that, I'm trying to step away from social media and games. Which is why, I am giving up Minecraft for a while.

It was one, become boring, its the same thing over and over again, and two, I just dont need it to have fun anymore. I may pop of the pocketpixel server from time to time, but over all I have no interest in games as a whole.

My life is changing, and I will hold onto the things I have gained from Aquamon, the friends...the Aquamon family. But it is time to hang up the Minecraft hat, and move on.

To Aqua, thank you for the time you put into the server, and should you ever find yourself in Australia, let me know,

and to the players on Aquamon, Thank you for your support over the months I have been apart of the server.

To Bob and Sam, you two have grown into two of my bestfriends, and I will always teasure that.

Goodbye to everyone, and good luck in all the different paths everyone chooses to take.


Winter aka Patto150

ps: Sorry for any spelling mistakes or words in the wrong place, its early and I have been writing all week....words all look the same XD
Flamenightblitz Bye Patto, we really are gonna miss you as a great friend.
Aqua2iK aOWNERPokeGOD Thank you dearly patto for all the time you put into the server and into r2, trust me I know that you built basically ev ...
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