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My thoughts.

BobcatYoloSwag a posted 3 hours ago
So. The server is closed. Im going to share my thoughts on this. Ill run through a bit of my life before the server too. Ok, so in January 2014, my grandfather died, i know its a sad thing, it cup me up inside for weeks. On the 3rd of February, i found a channel called AquaPlays, it had good content that i enjoyed watching. On the 19th of February i saw a trailer on Aqua's channel for the server. On that very same day, i joined the server and made an application, Bond007 then looked at my app and decided to interview me. After 15 mins of questions and assessing he accepted me, then give me my pokes and told me to do my job, the next day a player called JKL77Jinx joined the server and took a liking to me, he sat with me through 65 battles of Rock, Fire and Water gym. I recommended him to one of the admins at the time (Bond007) And he premoted him to dragon gl, 3 days later I got the helper position alongside ThaPieGod in his turtle skin. The next day the shop was built by Bond And ThePieGod, the very same day, ThaPieGod was promoted to admin due to his outstanding work on the shop. Shortly after that i started doing youtube on the 13th of March, a friday if i remember, maybe not though. I was getting through my server lets play fine until episode 6, where Greg (tigerstripe16) Banned me from the server, i was fine with this as it was funny. Two days later, ThaPieGod contacted me about making a series with him, which was new to me as i had not done any colabs on YouTube yet. I accepted, we then recorded 4 episodes, with my terrible microphone lol, i sat up from 1am, until 10am recording with him, we then moved onto Pokemon Showdown, a game i had never even heard of until ThaPieGod had showed me, April 17th, my Grandmother Passes away, my life goes to shit and i dont feel like talkng to anyone or playing anything. Even as i wwrote that sentence, i started crying. 2 weeks later JKL77Jinx was promoted to Helper alongside a member called Smallsoul8, another really good friend of mine, i thne crashed for 2 weeks with no way to play the server. came back, it was now may 1st, the day of many promotions. CassieChant making helper, xX_Megami_Xx joining her, then cenanation11006 or something like that.A week later, i make it to admin along side ThaPieGod and tigerstripe16. I then notice a player active in chat and making alot of friends so i give him uni leader in june early june, this player was Patto150, we tell him of region 2 and he shows us builds of how good he is. 3 weeks later, the new region pops u in Early July, 2/3 weeks before i go on holiday to Turkey. Patto builds most of the region by him self, Aqua and ThaPieGod doing most of the extra work, JKL77Jinx makes it to admin accompanied by CassieChant, shortly followed by cenanation01006 idk. And xX_Megami_Xx. £ weeks after i leave for Turkey, i come back to hear that the shop is broken and that the server is seriously low on players, i lose all motivation to play and stop mostly everything including my youtube. Im sorry to everyone about that. And to everyone who has read this i thankyou, its not really how i feel its just how i experienced the server, i love the server and will miss it dearly,i want to thank Aqua for making this oppurtunity possible,  I want to thank all of the players for making this experience dear to me, and  also want to thank MrKrispins, Patto150 and ThaPieGod for becoming 3 of my bestfriends. I love you all, peace out. 

Kind Regards, Bobcat.
PR1M3RA Bob this a beautiful piece of work you got here. That was an amazing story XD Btw if this server your talking about happ ...
BobcatYoloSwag a Patto, i will try my hardest to get an income that supports making a good server, and i promise i will make this happen.
Patto150 aADMIN Bob, I remember joining the server, be to honest, when I saw your name I laughed, YoloSwag, I thought that was the gayes ...

Server Closed Permanently- Details.

Aqua2iK aOWNERPokeGOD posted 16 hours ago
This server was recently hit with a copyright for using pokemon images and names, so we unfortunately are forced to close the server. We are no longer allowed to accept donations or use any pokemon copyrighted materials on the website or server, or I could face legal problems. I don't know if any other Pixelmon servers are facing these kinds of problems recently, but this is our situation.

Thank you to everyone who played on the server, and thanks to all the staff and gym leaders that helped make Aquamon great for the last half year. I had a great time meeting and playing on the server with all of you, and I hope to still see you in the comments on my youtube channel.

Sorry that it had to end like this, but I have no choice but to close down Aquamon permanently. I will leave the website up for a couple more months if you would still like to talk to each other for a while longer.

- Thank you everyone for making Aquamon a fun place to play for the last several months.
Patto150 aADMIN Good luck to everyone in whatever they choose to do, and thank you Aqua for hosting the server this whole time.
Phoenix_Blaze01 I will miss al of you guys
MiguelV007 Aww man, just when i was about to coming back they closed it! Well thank you all my friend and people that helped me. we ...


Patto150 aADMIN posted Aug 19, 14
Hey all,

I know that the shop has been out of order for way way way to long, sorry from the whole crew.

But its open now! Thanks to some help from the new trails, helpers and elite guys!

Shout outs to all below for helping!

Bobcatyoloswag (Head Admin)
Kris (Head Elite Four)
Risky (Helper)
Sparks (Helper)

PR1M3RA (A.Builder)
RVMinecraftFan (A.Builder)

Joe (Trail Helper)
Phoenix (Uni)

Thanks to everyone for coming together to get this massive task done!
And alot of thanks to Kris for teaching everyone how to do it all!

Peace out

Winter aka  Four :D
tonalom Good job guys this was really needed also the server has begun to get new players on it ...
Phoenix_Blaze01 I meant all of us
Phoenix_Blaze01 All if us played an equal role in fixing the shop

Builder App open!

Patto150 aADMIN posted Aug 8, 14
Hey all,
Just letting everyone know that the builder apps fourm page is open, so go ahead and apply, same rules as anyone app!

Good luck and enjoy!


In-Game Shop is Finally Fixed!

Aqua2iK aOWNERPokeGOD posted Jul 16, 14
The old shop plugin clashed with the 1.7.2 versions of Pixelmon, so we had to get a new shop plugin and rebuild the shop, which we just did.

Everything should be running normally now, the in-game and online shops are working, as is everything else. Have fun with Region 2!
GreekHeadHunter Aqua in how long time will you fix the shop i want to sell my items to get pokeballs PLZ
LordRentis76 I don't know how long ago the shop has been crashed, but its been at least a week with no seen improvement and no posts ...
thrillville99 Can I please be unbanned it has been a few months.
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